Best answer: What CGPA is good in engineering

What is a good CGPA in Engineering? Usually, CGPA or CPI of 8 or above is considered good. If the student is planning to study abroad then scoring a little higher will help them with the admission process.

Is 7.5 CGPA good in engineering?

A CGPA of 8.0 and above is considered good from company’s point of view. Most companies want to hire the top 10% to 15% students of the batch. So they set these requirements for CGPA greater than 8.0 . … A CGPA of 7.5 won’t help you to go for masters course in foreign countries.

What is considered a good CGPA in engineering?

8.5+ CGPA (ideal). 8+ will do. (On a general trend, 7+ for Texas Instruments and 7.5+ for Samsung ( could change and be different eleswhere and these are among the most sought dream companies among students)) Very strong with digital and analog electronics.

Is 8.6 CGPA good in engineering?

According to my prior experience, you need at least 7.5 CGPA and without extra curricular activities it’s if no use. So if you want good score and good job as you’ve mentioned above you need to not only work on CGPA but also on the extra things. All the best.

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Is 6.5 CGPA good in engineering?

Not at all. It means you have secure 61.75% and you are getting pass with third division. If you want to get a good college you have to score 10 cgpa or at least 9.8 cgpa. … You have to score good marks in boards and you should score 10 cgpa in Maths,English,IP and Science.

Is 7 CGPA good in engineering?

If you are going for higher studies (M.S. , M. Tech , M.B.A.) then 7 CGPA is not good unless you have a lot money. Core Profile(All non-circuital branch)- If you want to join core companies then your CGPA does matter Because some core companies do not allow 7 pointers.

Is 8.2 CGPA good in engineering?

A cgpa of 8.2 is good indeed. Most companies keep Their Placement eligibility criteria above 7.5 to above 8. Some huge companies( Google, Microsoft, etc) may keep it above 8.5 . … Moreover, once you are above the required Cgpa ,they only check for your knowledge and performance during interview and your CV overall.

Can I get a job with 6.5 CGPA?

yes, you can get a job. grade doesn’t even matter when you give interview.. … Cgpa with 6.5 having more practical knowledge then having cgpa 8 or 9.

Can I get a job with a 3.0 GPA?

A: Some elite employers have policies requiring a certain GPA (usually a 3.0 or higher), and there is generally no way around that rule. To get a job with one of the gazillions of other employers in the world, a low GPA is a completely surmountable challenge. … Good grades imply that you are smart, serious and motivated.

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Is 8 CGPA good in IIT?

Students of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) securing at least a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 8.5 in BTech will get direct admission to PhD programmes.

Is a 9 GPA good?

You can be sure of the fact that the kid is hard working. But a GPA of 6.96 ~ 7 is Okay-ish. Average. … 8-9 is about average and very good.

Is a GPA of 7.5 good?

Your academics (CGPA/GPA, Projects etc) Your Scores (GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS etc.)

How can you convert your CGPA at home?

10 Point System Equivalent 4 Point GPA USA Grade Equivalent
8.0 – 8.4 3.7 A
7.5 – 7.9 3.3 B+
7.0 – 7.4 3.0 B
6.5 – 6.9 2.7 C+

What is the minimum CGPA required for placements?

What is the minimum CGPA that is required to sit for all the placement interviews? A student with 1 or 2 standing arrears can register for placements – as of this year. Dream and regular companies ask for a minimum cgpa of 6.5–7. Super dream companies- minimum of 8 or 9( it varies).

How can I get job with low CGPA?

How to get a good job despite poor grades

  1. Look for internships that will prime you for the job you want. …
  2. Highlight your relevant experience that the company can use right away.
  3. Consider jobs where GPA doesn’t matter (marketing, media, real estate, etc.)
  4. Explain why your GPA is low.
  5. Improve your networking.

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How much is 6.5 CGPA in percentage?

CGPA to Percentage – Conversion Table 2021

CGPA Percentage
6.2 CGPA 58.90%
6.3 CGPA 59.85%
6.4 CGPA 60.80%
6.5 CGPA 61.75%
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Is first year engineering marks important?

No, the first semester marks as themselves are not really considered. At the time of placements, all the companies have a minimum GPA/CPI criteria. If you are able to satisfy that, then you can very well appear for the interviews.

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