Does Scion tC have Camry engine

Does Scion tC have Camry engine? Yes, this car was equipped with Camry engines, but thanks to its light weight, tC accelerates much better than Camry. First-generation Scion tC engine is a popular 2.4L 2AZ with 160 horsepower.

What kind of engine is in a Scion tC?


Model Engine Power@rpm
Scion tC 2.5 L 2AR-FE I4 (gasoline) 180 hp (134 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Toyota Zelas 178 hp (133 kW) @ 6000 rpm

Do scions have Toyota engines?

Most Scion cars have Toyota analogues or use some Toyota platform. … larger cars use 1.8-liter Toyota 2ZR. The most powerful engines were 2.4L 2AZ and 2.5L 2AR, which were installed in Scion tC and Scion xB. The top-end was 4U-GSE – the flat-four cylinder engine, which is produced by the Subaru Company.

Is a scion tC a v4 or v6?

Scion tC is powered by a 160-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.

Is the scion tC a Toyota Celica?

The Scion tC was substantially similar to the 1985-1993 Toyota Celica in pretty much every way. The Celica changed to a different car in 1994 and ran through 2006, but that car had more in common with the old Corolla than the tC and sixth generation Celica.

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How many miles does a Scion tC last?

All things equal that type of car should be experiencing elevated maintenance issues at 150-160k and reach end of useful life at 225-250k where cost to maintain will exceed value of operation.

How much horsepower can a scion tC handle?

The tC motor can handle about 14psi max before you need internal work and even then it’s iffy. You’ll need larger injectors for sure though no matter what you run. Do you have an auto or manual? And to put it another way then Andino did, the stock internals should be safe up to around 275-300 hp.

Why did Toyota kill Scion?

A press release issued this morning said the decision to discontinue Scion was made in part because the younger buyers Scion was founded to attract are happy buying Toyota models. More than a decade ago, Scion was created to attract young buyers into the Toyota fold with inexpensive small cars and no-haggle pricing.

Are scions cheap to fix?

Scion no longer exists as a brand, but its cars are still cheap to maintain. The Scion xB costs $6,300 to maintain over 10 years while Scion is the second-cheapest brand, coming in 29th place with a cost of $6,400.

Are scions as good as Toyotas?

The interiors in Scions can feel a little cheaply made compared to a Toyota. As far as your drivetrain (engine, transmission) you will have the same experience as a Toyota. TLDR; You will get the same reliability with a Scion as a Toyota, they just have more minor build quality issues.

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Why was the scion tC discontinued?

Scion seemed to have lost the target audience it initially wanted to attract. These youthful customers were perfectly happy buying existing Toyota vehicles. Because of this, it made more sense for the parent company to integrate Scion’s cars into its main lineup. The Scion brand was officially discontinued in 2016.

Can you engine swap a Scion tC?

If you want to do a scion tC engine swap, theoretically the 3.5 V6 out of the current Camry should fit in a new tC. They use the same 2.5, so it would make sense that the engine bay has the same mounting points. So Scion tC to Camry engine swap is the most logical.

Is a scion tC a sports car?

The 2016 Scion tC is a decent compact car. This sporty two-door coupe has a peppy engine and relatively agile handling. Its roomy hatchback and rear seats make it a practical car, too.

How much does it cost to replace a Scion tC engine?

The car is a 2007 Scion TC. The car has about 80,000 miles on it, and the KBB value is around $2700-$3700. The engine of the car died while driving down the highway. The AAA service center said the engine will need to be replaced, at a cost of around $4100.

How much is a scion tC engine?

We noticed that you have JavaScript disabled. For the most optimal experience please enable JavaScript and refresh your browser. tC Engines – Best Engine for Scion tC – Price $3345.99+

How much is a scion tC worth?

The value of a used 2016 Scion tC ranges from $5,326 to $15,487, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

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