How does a th350 transmission work

What makes a TH350 shift?

The biggest factor for shifting is where the engine produces it’s peark HP. for example: 83 S10 drag truck we had, 350 SBC, with Edelcbrock Performer cam peaks HP at 5500 rpms pushing a TH350 witha 2800 stall converter, driving 3.73 rear.

How many gears does a TH350 transmission have?

The Turbo Hydra-matic 350 was first used in 1969 model cars. It was developed jointly by Buick and Chevrolet to replace the two-speed Super Turbine 300 and aluminum-case Powerglide transmissions.


Gear Ratio
3 1.00:1
R 2.07:1

How much horsepower can a TH350 transmission handle?

The TH350 from the mfg. indicated it was designed to handle 350tq and Gm soon realized it would handle much more than originaly designed for. same with the th400 it was meant to handle 400.

Which is better TH350 or th400?

Automatic transmission fans will tell you that a TH400 is a stronger transmission, but the TH350 is shorter (meaning easier to adapt in smaller-bodied cars), and it saps a lot less horsepower from the engine to make it work. … These transmissions weigh about 125 pounds.

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Will a TH350 shift without vacuum?

No. You will need a vacuum source or it will not want to shift into higher gears. Only a full manual valve body allows for the lack of vacuum line. Find a vacuum port and hook it up…

Does a TH350 need a kickdown cable?

See all 8 photos Other than the convenience of automatic downshifts into passing gear at highway speeds, there’s no real need for a simple kickdown cable on those transmissions like this TH350 that have a vacuum modulator. “Kickdown” and “TV” cables aren’t really the same thing.

Is the TH350 a good transmission?

The TH350 is an automatic shift, three-speed transmission. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest of automatic transmissions ever built. The TH350 transmission was introduced in the 1969 model year as the successor to the GM Powerglide automatic transmission.

Is a 700R4 better than a TH350?

While a vehicle with 4.11 gearing may scream down the highway with a a TH350, it’s going to keep the engine in the power band longer. The 700R4 goes from a 3.06 -> 1.62 1-2 shift, which is way more aggressive than the Turbo 350’s 2.74 -> 1.57. Simply put, the TH350 is going to keep the vehicle in the power band longer.

How much does it cost to rebuild a TH350 transmission?

A good TH350 is going to cost more than $200. I spend more than $200 on parts to rebuild one (stock) and I get good pricing on the parts since I’m a transmission shop. This doesn’t upgrades, labor, shop overhead, etc. The days of having an automatic transmission rebuilt properly for $200-400 are done.

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Will a th350 hold up to a big block?

For most street applications, you can’t beat the brute-strength reliability of the th400 (or the 4L80E) behind a big block. But, there is no reason that you can’t use a th350 behind one, if it is properly built. Even a near stock one will last quite a while if you keep your foot out of it.

What is the best transmission for a 350 Chevy engine?

TH350. Best transmission choice, hands down. The Turbo Hydra-matic 350 was first used in 1969 model cars. It was developed jointly by Buick and Chevrolet to replace the two-speed Super Turbine 300 and aluminum case Powerglide transmissions.

Will a th350 bolt up to a 454?

Registered. chevguy65 said: The th350 should handle your 454 no sweat. They are a good tranny.

What is the difference between TH350 and TH400?

They are completely different transmissions. The Turbo 400 is larger, longer, and heavier than the Turbo 350 and was designed to live behind higher-torque applications such as big-blocks.

How much HP can a TH400 handle?

About 400-450 HP/TQ is the limit on the stock TH400. With ONE almost free modification and some minor valve body calibration changes, 800 HP on an otherwise stock TH400 is not a problem if it’s assembled well (good endplay, etc), and the 34 element sprag is a wise addition above 450 HP or any drag usage.

Does a Turbo 350 have overdrive?

The 700R4 has an overdrive while the TH350 does not. Overdrives allow for high-speed cruising, which saves fuel while lowering torque.

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