Quick Answer: Will a c6 transmission fit a 390

No, C6 transmissions are engine family specific as the bellhousing & trans are a one piece casting ie, small block C6 will only fit Cleveland or Windsor, FE (390 etc) will only fit FE, & 385 series (429, 460 etc) will only fit these engines (but will also suit 351M & 400M).

What engines fit a C6 transmission?

There are four different bellhousings for a C6. The small V8 or windsor family, this includes the 3.8 V6, the 4.9 inline 6, the 289,302, and 351w, 351c (not a windsor built engine, but shares the same bellhousing). Then there is the FE C6, which fits FE only, 3xx to 429.

What does a C6 transmission fit?

C6 Transmission Details

The C6 was an automatic transmission used on engines such as the 351 Cleveland and the Ford 385 engines. Some well-known applications of the C6 transmission are the Ford Torino, Thunderbird and Mustang (This transmission has no relation the C6 Corvette).

Will a C6 transmission fit a 351W?

— No, that 351W will not bolt onto your 351M C6. — No, all 351W engines used the 351W bellhousing pattern, shared by the 302, 289, 351C, and 300-I6. — Your C6 uses a pattern shared by the 351M/400M (same engine block), and 429/460.

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Will a C6 transmission fit a 302?

The C6 WILL bolt up to a 302, as long as you use a small block bellhousing.

How much HP can a C6 transmission handle?

Yes a c6 will hold 500 hp but not a stock one with 3 high gear clutches or a stock valvebody….

How much is a C6 transmission worth?

$100 – $150 for a C6 sounds about right.

Does a C6 transmission have overdrive?

The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. … The unit will shift into overdrive without attention of the driver and you can let the wife or whomever drive the vehicle.

Which transmission is better C4 or C6?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

Is a C6 transmission good?

The Ford C6 is a heavy-duty automatic transmission built by Ford Motor Company between 1966 and 1996. It was marketed as the “SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic”. Compared to its predecessor MX transmission, the C6 offered lower weight, less complexity, less parasitic power loss, and greater torque capacity for larger engines.

What transmission goes with a 351 Windsor?

A C-6 can come behind a 351w, it is a good transmission. C4, C6 or AOD will fit.

Will a 351 transmission fit a 302?

The 302 and 351 are very similar, just as the 351C, 351M, and 400 are similar but they are not interchangeable across engine classes. No, the fact that a C6 transmission which will bolt up to either a 302 5.0L or 351W 5.8L does NOT mean it will bolt up to a 300 I-6 4.9L.

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Will a C4 transmission fit a 351?

According to my Auto Krafter Fairlane/Torino catalog, it shows the C4 for small blocks as the same for ’65-76 164 teeth ring gear. No. The bellhousing for the 351M can fit the 429/460 and 400. The 351W bellhousing shares the same pattern as the 300 I6, 302, later 289 and is much more common.

Are all Ford C6 transmission the same?

For 1966, Ford introduced its own heavy-duty C6 3-speed automatic transmission for high torque applications behind large displacement big-block V-8s. Although the C6 has a completely different case and internal components than the C4, it is virtually the same internally to the C4—on a larger scale for heavy-duty use.

Will a C6 fit in a Foxbody?

Will a C6 fit in a foxbody? It will drop right in. It even cleared my big tube headers fine. I ran a C6 in my 83 Mustang and it was the best transmission I ever had.

What transmission goes with a 302?

you can use the T5 from a 302 mustang, an AOD or even the c4 if overdrive is not an issue. the T5 can be converted to bring the shifter farther forward.

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