What transmission fits a 350 small block

All depends on the build of the engine, the weight of the vehicle. in other words how much strain the transmission is under. Do you want Overdrive or not. The 350 has had TH200 , TH350, TH400 , 4L60 and more than likely the 4L80 automatics behind it.

What transmission will fit a Chevy 350?

TH350. Best transmission choice, hands down. The Turbo Hydra-matic 350 was first used in 1969 model cars. It was developed jointly by Buick and Chevrolet to replace the two-speed Super Turbine 300 and aluminum case Powerglide transmissions.

Will a 4L60E transmission fit a 350?

The 4L60E will bolt straight up to your 350. :yes: You will need some way to control the tranny though. The OD is electronically controlled, hence the “E” at the end of the 4L60.

Can you swap a 700R4 with a TH350?

700r4 & th350 can utilize the same trans mount. Shift linkage interchanges. Standard linkage adjustment will need to be done. oil coooler lines interchange with some minor bending.

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Is a 700R4 better than a TH350?

While a vehicle with 4.11 gearing may scream down the highway with a a TH350, it’s going to keep the engine in the power band longer. The 700R4 goes from a 3.06 -> 1.62 1-2 shift, which is way more aggressive than the Turbo 350’s 2.74 -> 1.57. Simply put, the TH350 is going to keep the vehicle in the power band longer.

Will a Allison Transmission bolt up to a 350?

You can bolt an Allison 1000 behind the 350 engine.. it is too big and heavy for the 350 engine.

Is a 700R4 transmission the same as a 4L60E?

You can’t tell the difference between a 700R4 and a 4L60E by the oil pan as they are nearly the same. If the transmission has a large 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail, it’s a 4L60E, as seen here. If it has a cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger’s side, that’s a 700R4.

What is the difference between a 4L60 and a 4L60E transmission?

The biggest difference between the 4L60 and 4L60E is how they are controlled. The 4L60E is controlled by a computer, while the 4L60 is controlled by a TV cable. … If you were to try to put a 4L60E where a 4L60 once was you’d have to buy an aftermarket transmission controller for it.

What years does a 4L60E transmission fit?

700R4/4L60E/4L65E Year Ranges

Year Ranges Transmission Pan/Filter
1994-1996 4L60E Shallow
1997 4L60E Shallow – Early Deep – Late
1998-2000 4L60E Deep
2001-2003 4L60E/4L65E Deep

Can you swap a 4L60E for a 6l80e?

Re: NNBS 4L60E to 6L80 swap questions

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So yes its definitely worth it to have a stronger trans than what I have and be able to tow better with the more gears. The 4 speed doesnt always downshift when you need it to due to the gear spacing.

How can you tell if a 700R4 is a TH350?

The shape of the oil pans is one way to differentiate between the TH350 and the 700R4. The TH350’s oil pan is shaped like a square with one of its corners cut off, while the 700R4’s oil pan is basically rectangular.

How much HP can a 700R4 handle?

The Street/Strip 700R4 is good for about 550 hp maximum, but with the HD input drum it is good for about 625 hp max. Add another $240.00 for the input drum. I give a one year warranty with all my transmissions & torque converters.

What year is the best 700R4 transmission?

If you locate more than one of these transmissions, it is best to select the later model TH700R4. Design improvements were constantly added throughout the years it was offered. Generally, 1987 and up TH700R4s or 1990-’93 4L60 units are the most desirable.

Will a 700R4 work without a computer?

There are no TV cable, mechanical speedometer drive, or governor provisions. … To run a 700-R4 trans behind a carbureted engine without a computer, at the very least the TV cable must be hooked up to the carburetor and properly adjusted.

Will a 454 bolt up to a 700R4?

Re: 454 to 700r4? Like said have the trans built up for the 454 it will handle it fine. I have seen a 700r4 built up live 2 years and counting behide a 4bt Cummins which makes the torque of a big block.

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Is a 700R4 better than a TH400?

The TH400 is much stronger, but it doesn’t have overdrive and the first gear is only 2.48:1. The 700R4 has an overdrive gear (0.7:1), and a 3.06:1 first gear, but it’s not as strong. So it depends on what your using it for and how much power you have.

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