Which bike company engine is best

Which bike company has best engine?

So here is the List of Top Bike Companies Names in India which is listed based on Total Sales.

  • Piaggio India. …
  • Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited. …
  • India Yamaha Motors. …
  • Eicher Motors Ltd – Royal Enfield. …
  • TVS Motor Company Ltd. …
  • Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. …
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd. …
  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

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Which is the No 1 bike company in the world?

Honda is currently the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Which bike has best engine in India?

Best Bikes In India

  • Bajaj Pulsar NS200. Price. Images. …
  • Honda Activa 6G. Price. Images. …
  • Suzuki Access 125. Price. Images. Specifications. …
  • Price. Images. Specifications. Rs. …
  • KTM 200 Duke. Price. Images. Specifications. …
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220 F. Price. Images. Specifications. …
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. Price. Images. Specifications. …
  • KTM 125 Duke. Price. Images. Specifications.
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Which bike engine is best hero or Honda?

61,785. The claimed mileage . In technical specifications, Hero Splendor Plus is powered by 97.2 cc engine , while Honda Shine is powered by 124 cc engine.


Engine Type
Air-cooled, 4 – Stroke Single Cylinder OHC Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, BS-VI Engine
97.2 cc 124 cc
Max Power
8.02 PS @8000 rpm 10.74 PS @ 7500 rpm

Which is the No 1 bike in India?

The most popular bikes in india include Hero Splendor Plus (Rs. 61,785), Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Rs. 1.61 Lakh) and Yamaha YZF R15 V3 (Rs. 1.47 Lakh).

Is Yamaha better than Honda?

Honda motorcycles perform better than Yamaha motorcycles

In most cases, Honda will always outperform Yamaha in terms of performance because of its faster and more advanced engine.

Which is best bike for daily use?

Top Commuter Bikes in India 2021

Model Price
Yamaha MT 15 Rs. 1.39 – 1.40 Lakh
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Rs. 94,125 – 1.04 Lakh
TVS Apache RTR 160 Rs. 1.02 – 1.05 Lakh
KTM 200 Duke Rs. 1.81 Lakh

Why did Harley fail in India?

Harley-Davidson has decided to call it quits in India owing to low demand of its bikes. The company will stop the sales and production of motorcycles but will continue to offer after-sales services through its existing dealership network.

Which is the richest bike in the world?

Most Expensive Bikes In The World

  • 8) Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa: …
  • 7) Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera: …
  • 6) Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16: …
  • 5) Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX: …
  • 4) Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper: …
  • 3) Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike: …
  • 2) Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship: …
  • 1) Ecosse ES1 Superbike:
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Which bike is best to buy in 2020?

10 Best Bikes in India in 2020

  • Bajaj Pulsar RS200. Source auto.ndtv.com I Bajaj Pulsar RS200. …
  • KTM Duke 250. Source bikedekho.com I KTM Duke 250. …
  • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. Source bikedekho.com I TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. …
  • The New Royal Enfield Classic 350. Source auto.ndtv.com I The New Royal Enfield Classic 350. …
  • Getting Registration Done Can Be Daunting.

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Which is the stylish bike in India?

Top Sports Bikes in India 2021

Model Price
Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Rs. 1.47 – 1.50 Lakh
Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Rs. 1.33 Lakh
Bajaj Pulsar 220 F Rs. 1.25 Lakh
TVS Apache RR 310 Rs. 2.48 Lakh

Which bike is the king of bikes?

Harley-Davidson re-introduced the Road King motorcycle in the Indian market and the bike becomes one of the two bikes under Harley’s touring range.

Which bike is better in hero?

Hero MotoCorp’s best-selling motorcycle Splendor again takes top honours as the number one motorcycle by sales volume for the financial year (April 2016-March 2017).

Top 5 Best Selling Bikes.

Rank Model Total Sales (In Lakhs)
1 Hero Splendor 25.5
2 Hero HF Deluxe 14.08
3 Hero Passion 8.7
4 Honda CB Shine 7.49

Why are Honda bikes so expensive?

Japanese manufacturers spend more money on R&D and will never compromise on quality due to which the bikes are bit costly. … Also, the resale value of honda and yamaha bikes are always good.

Which is best mileage bike in Honda?

List of Best Mileage Bikes in India 2021

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Bikes Ex-showroom price Mileage
Honda CD 110 Dream Rs. 64,508 – Rs.65,508 65 kilometres per litre
TVS Star City Plus Rs.65,865 86 kilometres per litre
Hero Splendor Plus Rs.61,785 – Rs.65,295 81 kilometres per litre
TVS Radeon Rs.59,962 – Rs.67,287 70 kilometres per litre
Four wheels