You asked: Where can I find rare car parts

The best way to locate rare car parts is to call a specialty dealership directly. If you own a Mercedes, visit the Mercedes dealership. These dealerships will offer a limited supply of OEM parts in-store or will special order apart from if it’s not in stock.

Where can I find old car parts?

Our Favorite Online Stores for Old Car Parts

  • Classic Parts Passion. Website. Classic Parts Passion. …
  • The Lincoln/Mercury Old Parts Store. Website. …
  • CJ Pony Parts. Website. …
  • Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts. Website. …
  • Vintage Part Source. Website. …
  • 1st Subaru Parts. Website. …
  • JDM Car Parts. Website. …
  • Rock Auto. Website.

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Do car dealers sell parts?

Need to be bought at the dealership: Even though there are other ways of buying OEM parts (eBay, online wholesalers), most people will go to a dealership to buy their car parts. … You can request OEM parts from your local mechanic, but it may take longer to get your vehicle repaired since the parts must be ordered.

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And when it comes to the top websites to buy auto parts and accessories, eBay and Amazon come out on top.

The following are some of the auto parts and accessories that make it to the top-selling products based on keyword research:

  • Car charger.
  • Car DVR.
  • Driving recorder.
  • GPS tracker.
  • Headlight.
  • Jumpstarter.
  • Smart lock.
  • Tires.

Where is the best place to sell car parts?

The 4 Best Channels for Selling Auto Parts

  1. Your own ecommerce shop. You have full control over your ecommerce shop. …
  2. eBay. eBay is a great place to sell auto parts, especially if you’re selling rare parts. …
  3. Amazon marketplace. …
  4. All three channels combined.

What can you do with old car parts?

The best way to get rid of car parts depends on what you’re discarding: If it’s large and made of metal — such as an engine block, door, fender, or muffler — find a local metal scrapyard that will take it. Some auto parts stores accept and recycle large metal parts, too.

Does RockAuto sell performance parts?

RockAuto now carries PaceSetter Performance Exhaust and direct-fit replacement Catalytic Converters. …’s reliably low prices make them exceptionally affordable too!

Does AutoZone sell OEM parts?

If something is wrong with your vehicle, take a quick trip to AutoZone for any car, SUV, or truck auto parts you need. We carry both genuine OEM and aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE performance. … Browse AutoZone’s parts catalog to find what you need to buy your auto parts online.

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Are AutoZone Parts good?

Chances are good that it will last for at least a couple of years (although I’ve had some bad luck with Autozone alternators), and these stores typically include a pretty good warranty with their parts. In other words, if the part breaks a year or two later, they’ll usually replace it, no questions asked.

Why are dealer parts so expensive?

Without going into specifics dealer overhead is much higher than an independent. Also they use factory parts. You’re are NOT being ripped off because the price is higher. As to the part, the dealer is using a factory OEM part and the dealer’s cost on this is probably more than the retail price of an aftermarket part.

Will junkyards buy parts?

Mostly, auto salvage yards buy complete cars. It’s a better value to them. They can take parts off cars that are still worth reselling as used parts PLUS they get the remainder of the vehicle for scrap metal. … Selling car parts to a junkyard isn’t a way to get rich fast, that’s for sure.

What car parts sell the most?

The Top 10 Car Parts and Accessories That Sell Online

  • Wheels. Part Type: 560. Average Transaction: $78.49.
  • Side View Mirrors. Part Type: 128. Average Transaction: $72.04.
  • Tail Lamps. Part Type: 166. …
  • Speedometer Head (or cluster) Part Type: 257. …
  • Alternator. Part Type: 601. …
  • Power Steering Pump/Motor. Part Type: 553. …
  • Engine/Motor Control Module. Part Type: 590. …
  • AC Compressor. Part Type: 682.

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Is selling auto parts on eBay profitable?

Selling auto parts on eBay can be a good way to increase revenue. While it’s not necessarily the most profitable place to sell auto parts (most eBay retailers who drop-ship are earning just 2 or 3% profit margins), eBay offers the possibility of substantial sales volumes.

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Will pawn shops buy car parts?

You Can Pawn Classic Car Parts – Yes You Can!

Can you make money selling car parts?

Selling your car for parts can be a smart money move if the value of the parts is worth more than the value of your car as transportation. And you could make even more money if you’re able to sell the parts yourself.

How can I sell my car parts fast?

Two of the best websites for selling car parts are Craigslist and eBay. Both of these websites only take a small percentage from your sale, and allow people who are looking for a specific part to easily find what’s in their area.

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